Interview: Live to Love Apparel

Towards the end of last year, I was lucky enough to have a chat with the lovely Taylor Thomas – model, future psychologist-extraordinaire, and founder of clothing company Live to Love apparel. You can check out what she had to tell readers on my Interviews page.

In other news of the Monday variety, I spent my last day of mid-semester break ignoring my imminent death due to lack of uni readings completed, instead opting to enjoy the weak autumn sunshine with a nap on the outside couch, before rotting away my brain with a cheap American horror flick. Today’s choice: ‘Sorority Row’. Surprisingly not as bad as I’d expected, despite featuring the thespian talents of Demi Moore’s less aesthetically-blessed daughter Rumer, ‘The Hills’ barbie doll Audrina Partridge, and Paris Hilton-wannabe Caroline D’Amore. Highlights included some rather well-written, snappy dialogue; one of the (many) sluts getting a wine bottle shoved down her throat (literally) and the inclusion of the hot English guy from ‘Cry Wolf’ (which, incidentally, is a kick-ass film).


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