Super Stylin’ Sunday: Zippora Seven

Welcome to what I hope will become a regular feature of TTWL: Super Stylin’ Sundays. These posts will focus on one piece of uber-stylish goodness, be it a label, magazine, or in today’s case, a model.

Scratch that: the model. Zippora Seven is freakin’ gorgeous, and comes in equal first on my favourite model list with the effervescent Rosie Huntington-Whitley. Zippora has graced the pages of Russh, Jalouse, Yen, Frankie and Cleo magazines, pretty much making her fashion editorial royalty, and has even enjoyed her own controversy, after Russh published a tasteful fashion editorial featuring shots of a topless, 16 year old Seven.

Other reasons you should love this girl?

Her full name is Zippora Vermillion Rose Seven.

She has excellent taste in men – take a look at her top ten male models here

She knocks back stubbies of pale in the company of cute boys (and in the gutter, no less).

She’s physically incapable of taking a bad photo; something that’s rare and definitely to be admired.

And she oozes sex without even trying.

One of these days, I hope to have some form of fashion editorial reign, and when I do, Zippora will be the first model I ask for. Until then, I’ll have to satiate my raging girl crush with pretty pictures.


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