Loving Miss Lana Guineay

(Image courtesy of friggen awesome)

Another day, another talented lass to add to my ever-growing list of lady crushes. The newest addition is Lana Guineay, Sportsgirl’s online editor; Pedestrian TV team member; and freelance contributor to such cultural delights as Yen, Peppermint and Fallen magazines.

With those credentials, it’s pretty hard not to be at least a tad envious of Ms Guineay’s life. But if her interview with Adelaide Fashion Collective is anything to go by, she seems as delightful as the cupcakes she enjoys so very much.

Need more inspiration? Bookmark friggen awesome, Lana’s personal blog. It’s a style maven’s haven (too much rhyming?), with extra points for her posts on Ponyhunter (top of my girl crush list atm) and The Like.


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