Starting Points with Adelaide Fashion Collective

I’ve been busting to share this with you all for a while now. The lovely Selena Battersby, creative mind behind Adelaide Fashion Collective, recently asked me to create a ‘winter’ mood board to be featured on the site – and here it is!

Although I’ve always wanted to be a writer, I have a fond obsession for images, and still wish I could be a photographer/cinematographer. Instead, I make giant wall collages about my bed, which I call my ‘inspiration wall’, as looking at the beautiful images helps to ignite my creative spark and basically make me feel better on a crappy day.

Here’s a close up of my first wall collage:

The new one is more wintry, with a paler palette. I’ll have to get around to uploading photos of it sometime soon (along with everything else).

I also have a bulletin board hanging next to my bed, which I haven’t changed since I bought it and can’t bear to alter. I love all the images on there too much (especially the punk style palette):

There are so many things that I love on this board: Falls Festival; punk aesthetics; unicorns; Prague (the black&white postcard); Moonlight Cinema; pretty indie boys in nice threads; the Garden of Unearthly Delights; Belle du Jour; alcohol (leftover drink tokens from Falls); hippies; and love itself.

But back to the original point. Adelaide Fashion Collective kicks ass; hopefully I’ll get my head into gear one of these days and possibly get involved with them a bit more. There are a couple of bloggers in their Directory that blow my mind, but we’ll save them for their very own special post.

My full post is here, where you can read all about why I put three different pictures of Cassie from Skins in my mood board. The 7 in 7 and Street Style posts are always worth a look too.


One thought on “Starting Points with Adelaide Fashion Collective

  1. I loved your moodboard! Partly because I heart the first Skins cast like crazy and partly cos it’s just AWESOME. :)

    Thanks for the linklove on the Divine Madness photo, it’s always a nice surprise to accidentally photograph other bloggers! Going to add a link to you now…

    K xx

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