Sunday Mixtape: The Wombats, Pendulum, Example & Mark Ronson

Okay, for all alliteration purposes I should be writing this on a Monday. But the music gods are pestering me to write about my current song obsessions, and they’re an insistent bunch. So: here are the songs that are rocking my socks right now.

The Wombats – Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)

I can’t remember the last song I found this catchy (seriously; I spent the past 5 minutes trawling my brain space for a comparison, as that would’ve made this paragraph much more interesting). Embarrassingly, it was listening to The Wombats’2007 hit ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ that prompted me to look up Ian Curtis and co. and expand my horizons beyond the wonderfully depressing ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ (I adore those lyrics).

The Wombats are but one of several kick ass bands I’ll be moshing to atΒ  Parklife this October, and I cannot freakin’ wait to see them live. Have a listen to their tunes here, but make sure you have your dancing shoes handy!

Through the Loop – Pendulum

(Image courtesy of Deadly Serious)

I’d never taken much notice of this old-school Pendulum track, being obsessed as I am with ‘Hold Your Colour’ and ‘Slam’. But, as it turns out, ‘Through the Loop’ begins with a soundbite from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie – the bit when they’re going through the tunnel, Gene Wilder’s lost the plot and everyone’s freaking out a little bit. I watched this movie recently and loved it – there are so many classic lines just waiting to be quoted obscurely. For example: “Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere, but not a drop to drink.”

(Y’all think I’m weird now, huh.)

Kickstart – Example

(Image courtesy of Boom Boom Chik)

Have you ever been struggling to deal with a situation, when you’ve come across as song that puts into concise musical form exactly what you’re dealing with (or more likely, not dealing with)?

I broke up with my boyfriend recently. It was a decision I’d been battling with for a while when I heard this song in passing, and that cliched little lightbulb flickered to life above my head. Not since Kate Nash’s brilliant ‘Pumpkin Soup’ have a set of lyrics described my life so well. Plus, it’s pretty much the catchiest song not written by The Wombats.

The Bike Song – Mark Ronson

(Image courtesy of Bangers & Mash)

I am in love with Mark Ronson. Not only is he a right proper spunk, but he makes delish tunes to boot.

‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ is well up there on my list of ‘bounce around in a giddy happy daze when you hear this’ tunes, and now Monsieur Ronson brings us a fabulously repetitive song about…you guessed it: bikes. Bicycles, to be precise.

Not since Queen has someone penned such a rad track about bicycles, and this song makes me long for warmer weather so that I too can ride my bike until I get home. Should probably get the brakes fixed first though…


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