caught on camera

The best way to start a new week is to be reminded of the fabulousness that was the weekend before. Therefore, I should thank the darling Katherine of caught couture, one of Adelaide’s premiere fashion blogs (and yet another affiliate of Adelaide Fashion Collective – those girls should form some kind of fashion supergroup. Like the Spice Girls, only with taste) for this gem.

My beautiful friend Astrid (second from right) and I were lucky enough to be “caught” in the front row of the Divine Madness show on Friday night at the Hotel Richmond. The show itself was delicious to say the least (more on that later), but the company was just as ‘divine’Β  – Astrid and I were joined by the effervescent Stephanie Mountzouris, former fashion editor of Merge Magazine and all-round style goddess, and her well-heeled shoe designer pal Matea.

Good clothes, good company, good drinks…what more do you need? Well, you need to bookmark caught couture, for a start. Then you should trundle down to Workshop on Hindley Street and check out Miss Rawlinson’s stunning clothes for yourselves. Alternatively, you can soak up the sparkles via the Divine Madness facebook page.


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