Harbinger & OzAsia On Screen

(image courtesy of Fringe Benefits)

Question: what do vampires, shapeshifters, travelling Indian cinemas and midgets have in common?

Probably a few things I don’t want to know about (there are some sick people in this world), but they’re also the subjects of my most recent reviews for Fringe Benefits.

Yep; part of my slackness with posting lately can be attributed to commitments reviewing Brink Productions’ latest offering, the delightfully murky Harbinger, and previewing the film program for the upcoming OzAsia festival.

You can take a squizz at the finished products over on the Reviews page, soon to be joined by a back catalogue of other goodies, or read them on the FB website. Also, if you’re around Adelaide and haven’t yet joined, quit faffing about and fill out a membership form here – it’s free to join, you’ll receive discounted ticket offers to just about everything worth seeing in Adelaide, and your inbox will also receive a weekly treat in the shape of an e-newsletter, bringing you the best cultural happenings for the week ahead.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have many an episode of True Blood to catch up on – I’m only halfway through season 2!


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