Pastel Cats (on weekends…)

‘pastel cats’ by tim walker

Alright, this must be kept short and sweet as I’m in the midst of writing an heinous Media Theory assignment and should really not be procrastinating. But! I just couldn’t resist sharing these little sweeties with you. Aren’t they adorable? They’re by the fabulous Tim Walker; an epic photographer who I stumbled upon thanks to the genius that is Another Magazine (which is, according to the last essay I wrote for uni, a ‘hipster’ magazine, but lets ignore that).

‘the dress tree lamp’ by tim walker

London-born and a Vogue photographer at the tender age of 25, Tim clearly has a quirky way of looking at the world – plus he likes cats. That’s more than enough to make him my ideal man.

images from harper’s bazaar 2009 halloween issue
tim burton’s ‘magical fashion’ spread photographed by tim walker in which a larger than life skeleton was positioned with models: malgosia bela, evelina mambetov and sophie srêj.

You can see more of Tim Walkers amazing art over at Design Boom. And, if you’re a procrastinator-extraordinaire like myself, or one of those lucky few who have guilt-free spare time (bastards), get your toosh over to Another Loves and prepare to lose yourself in loveliness.

Images courtesy of Design Boom

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