Alice loves: the frankie blankie

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a bleeding heart. Blame it on my hippie mother’s roots if you will, but I’m all for helping creatures in need, be they animals, plants or our fellow human beans (thus why I’m not allowed to visit the RSPCA by myself).

Therefore, I can’t gush enough about frankie magazine’s latest project. They’ve grabbed a bundle of their most artistically blessed friends (like Jodee Knowles, Catherine Campbell, Mel Stringer, Sean Morris, Ghostpatrol, Caitlin Shearer and Beci Orpin), chucked them some material and let the creative juices flow. With the help of the frankie ladies’ embroidery circle (Pip Lincolne, Cate Lawrence, Evie Smith, Kirsty Macafee, Shannon Lamden, Rayna Fahey, Gemma Jones and Claire Robertson), Brother and Kate’s Sewing Centre, they’ve produced this slice of paisely pastel wonderment.

Now, I’m sure you’d give all the sewing baskets in the world to have this little baby sitting pretty atop your bedspread (or anywhere else you like to put quilts). Instead, frankie want you to email them your highest bid (the mostest you can/are willing to pay) along with your contact details for a silent auction of the piece.

The auction closes on October 19th, after which the top bidder will receive the best looking rug on the block, and all proceeds will be given to the Salvation Army to help in their fight against poverty in Australia.

Pretty and caring too! For your chance to own this one-off original slice of arty-craftness, send an offer to quilt at frankie dot com dot au, and keep your fingers crossed!

Find more pretty things over at frankie’s website.

Images courtesy of frankie

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