Black Milk tastes good

Galaxy leggings, $60

Okay, weird title, but let me explain. As every reputable fashion magazine, blog and clotheshorse will tell you, digital prints are huge this season (and, fingers crossed, will stick around for many to come), and Black Milk have the talent to take the crown (if they can wrestle it off the We Are Handsome kids, that is).

Liquids, $99

Story goes, back in 2009 a fellow named James Lillis (who shares the same initials as myself – big tick right there) wandered into a little shop full of patchwork-loving grannies and bought a couple of sewing machines. He cranked out some pairs of leggings that packed more than the average amount of punch; found some equally punchy ladies to fill them; and Black Milk was born.

Lace Spartans, $90

Over a year later, James’ leggings have made their mark on Vogue and can be seen on the pins of pretty girls around the globe. The line has expanded to include bodysuits, catsuits, jackets and best of all, swimsuits – all of which are actually affordable (as in uni student budget affordable, not in comparison to $5,000 underpants in Vogue affordable).

Dark Side swimsuit, $85 | White Ribs swimsuit, $85

But wait: it gets better. To celebrate Halloween, BMC are selling seconds of their best-selling Legs & Bones leggings for a measly $30 a pop. While I’m firmly against the wearing of leggings as pants, I could almost forgive the culprit if it was these that they were sporting.

Check out everything Black Milk have to offer over at their online store, and keep ahead of the trends via the Too Many Tights blog.

All images courtesy of Black Milk.


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