Everyone loves Alexis Krauss

And if they don’t they should, because come Summer, Krauss and her band Sleigh Bells will be taking the merry old land of Oz by storm.

These pics featured in the October/November 2010 issue of Complex magazine; I found them thanks to my current bible of radness, Pedestrian.

In Complex’s behind-the-scenes video, Krauss (who looks like the love child of vintage Ruby Rose and Tiffany Amber-Thiessen) describes Sleigh Bells as “dark, heavy, rhythmic, sparkly and chaotic” (much like the leading lady herself).

You’ve probably heard the New York duo’s grungy synth-pop tracks ‘Rill Rill’ and ‘Infinity Guitars’ floating on the airwaves, but if you haven’t, I can’t recommend their freshman offering Treats enough. You can watch the ‘Infinity Guitars’ clip here (plus enjoy the talents of M.I.A and Katy Perry at the same time).

Sleigh Bells will be bringing their Brooklyn-brand of electro crunk to Field Day, Summafieldayze, Falls Festival, Sunset Sounds and Southbound festivals, along with a couple of sideshow dates (find all the details on the triple j website).

Image credits: All images courtesy of Complex magazine (via Pedestrian TV). Photography by Selina Arban; (Stylist) Katherine Erwin; (Hair and Makeup) Angela Dicarlo using M.A.C. Cosmetics.

Check out the original Complex feature, or see it at Pedestrian TV.


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