Mila Kunis for Nylon

Images courtesy of NYLON BLOG

Mila Kunis has come a long way from the nauseating floral shifts and baby blue bellbottoms so loved by her ditzy character Jackie on That 70’s Show. Gracing the Dec/Jan cover of pop culture bible Nylon Magazine, Kunis hit the mean streets of NYC with photographer Melodie McDaniel, rocking pieces by Chanel, Juicy Couture, Hilfiger and D&G with the kind of grungy sultriness I would kill for and which seems to come naturally to her (must be those big hazel doe eyes-bitch).

Kunis stars alongside Natalie Portman in the forthcoming ballet thriller Black Swan. Directed by Darren Aronofsky (the genius behind Requiem for a Dream, Pi and The Fountain), you just know Black Swan is going to be good – nay, fantastically beautiful in every cinematic way, shape and form. Aronofsky is a cinematographic god, as The Fountain effortlessly proves. Pair his skills with a wardrobe of costumes designed by Rodarte, and two of the most intelligent and striking leading ladies Hollywood has to offer (sharing what I hear to be a steamy love scene, no less), and there’s pretty much no reason not to see this film.

Can you tell I’m antsy for it’s 2011 release? Until then, I guess these Rodarte sketches will have to do.

Image courtesy of Ms Fabulous

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