Beach styling, the Billabong/2Threads way

I’m not much of a beach person. It’s pretty appalling really, when you consider I live on a cove, have worked by the sea for the past 4 summers, and have easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches South Australia has to offer (Exhibit A: the central photo, taken on my way to work down at Brighton). So when 2Threads asked me to share some beach styling inspiration, I thought I was screwed.

But! Never fear, dear readers, for the following is a mood board of all things beachy and beautiful, including some of my favourite summer trends (along with a small homage to the best seaside TV show of all time, The OC).

May you find some inspiration between these here sheets* too.

Aside from the latest lust-worthy collection from Billabong, my other two go-to swimwear brands are easily We Are Handsome and Zimmerman. Not that I could ever afford to own either, but a girl can dream.

If mermaids were punks, I bet they’d take pictures of these girls to their underwater hairdresser’s as a guide. I’ve been dying to bleach my long locks and dip them in cerulean ever since I first saw this pic, but still don’t have the guts. But mussed up sex hair and beachy waves are definitely my styles of choice, and a splash of playful colour will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

This photo was taken at the Falls festival last year, but has all the ingredients for a perfect day at the beach: good friends, bright oversized sunnies, cute hats and buckets of sunshine.

And what better way to while away a hot summer’s day than by daydreaming on the seaside…

…or frolicking with friends. You get extra summer street cred points if your frolicking carries on into the evening; double if a bonfire is involved; and triple if any of the bonfire attendees look like/are part of the OC crew.

And the perfect soundtrack to compliment your stylin’ seaside sessions? Why, you can’t go past The Kooks (they have a song called Seaside after all), Adrian Lux’s Teenage Crime, and the aptly named Beach House, Best Coast and Wavves.

For more inspiration, cruise on over to Billabong’s website – they have behind-the-scenes vids from all their beautiful photoshoots, a funky calendar that picks a sweet new product for you daily (like a sartorial Advent calendar) and most importantly, an online store where you can snap up all the goodies yourself.

Enjoy the rays xx

*Okay, less sheets of paper, more pixels. It just doesn’t sound anywhere near as poetic though.


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