Raves, Resolutions and a Hottest 100 (w)Rap Up

#1 - 'Big Jet Plane' - Angus & Julia Stone.

Since I’m finally able to focus on things without jackhammers ploughing through my head (yes, my ‘Straya Day got a tad too happy), now seems an excellent time for a little recap.

Firstly, it would be remiss of me not to follow up on the glorious afternoon that was triple j’s Hottest 100 of 2010. Alright, so I’m a wee bit biased, with 8 of my Top 10 songs making it in (3 in the Top 10 itself!) and a good two-thirds of my shortlist finding a place for themselves in the countdown, but besides a severe misplacement of ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ at 31, it was a pretty righteous result. I completely adore Angus & Julia, and think they’re well-deserving of the top spot. You can view the whole list here and stream the countdown live if you missed it (or maybe you’re just an epic music nerd like me and want to relive the party times).

Dancing around my friend’s living room with all the post-work, vodka-fuelled energy I could muster, I realised just how much music means to me. All corniness aside, I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to be the happiest Jacquie possible, I need to make music part of my career. A challenge, since I strongly dislike review-writing (go figure) and most music journalism bores me to tears; but perhaps there-in lies the key.*

So! You can expect to see a lot more musical love around these here bloggy parts; starting with something a bit different to my usual Falls-Festival-friendly fare. Meet Skrillex, aka Sonny Moore: a fidget house/dubstep artist from sunny California and former frontman of From First to Last.

Besides having a pretty sweet name, ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ has the same dark intensity as Crystal Castle’s early hit ‘Alice Practice’ (used best in this clip from Skins), making it a playlist must for anyone who needs to throw themselves to the wind via some crazed dancefloor action. In a nutshell, it’ll make you loose your shit. In a good way.

Which brings me to my third and final point on this Friday afternoon: New Year’s Resolutions (yes, I know it’s the end of January and that said resolutions aren’t so “new” anymore, but whatevs, vintage is in). I had intended to share these within hours of arriving home from Falls, but as so often happens, life got in the way.

* The resolution about banning men.
Boys suck. Even if they don’t mean to. Twenty-two years of existence has made me pretty certain of this fact; yet I still find myself sitting on hillsides, wondering how such a large chunk of my happiness and sanity got tied up in one person. Whilst I doubt I’ll ever find the answer to that question, putting myself on a love hiatus and working towards a point where I don’t go all Cassie-esque anytime someone disappoints me seems like a pretty good goal.
So: until further notice (and with all Australia Day kisses aside), I am on a Man Ban. Anyone who knows me will probably find this notion hilarious, but it’s a serious matter, people, so stop your giggling. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

*Learn from the lessons the universe provides.

*Find a balance (aka do yoga every morning you sloth)

*Be selfish with your time (but not with your heart)

*Push your creativity to the extremes and challenge yourself

*Keep your emotions in check (and try not to get carried away by other people, yeah?)

*Dance more

*Be thankful for something every day (and write it down)

*Live one day at a time.

Pretty simple stuff, but it’s what I need, and one month in, all are going fairly well. What am I thankful for today? The lovely Paul, who owns the second-hand bookshop down at Port Noarlunga (Pt Noarlunga Books). He calls me every time he gets any Neil Gaiman or ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in, saves it for me, and gives it to me super cheap. Thus, a pre-loved ‘American Gods’ is now sitting pretty on my shelf, just waiting to be re-loved.


*Slightly off-topic, if you haven’t yet heard Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’s latest single ‘The Key’, go have a listen. Now. Then dredge up all that animosity towards the last person who left you – go on, I know it’s lurking beneath those layers of smiles and sangria jugs – press repeat, and sing along at the top of your lungs. There. Feel a bit better? Sure you do.


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