Life on the Fringe

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This right here is a quick, apologetic update for anyone who’s glanced at this blog more than once in recent times, only to find a frustrating lack of anything new. At all. Sorry!

You see, Frantic February has given way to Mad March here in Adelaide, and for the past month I’ve been running on Bombay Sapphire, snippets of sleep and flirtatious, artistic energy. The final week of what’s been the raddestest Fringe Festival to date is underway, and whilst it’s sure to be as eventful and amazing as the past 4, I almost can’t wait for the maddness to be over, simply so I’ll have time to share some crazy tales with you.

In the meantime, here’s your last-minute Adelaide Fringe 2011 to-do list:

Go see Sexytime! at the Adelaide Town Hall (nightly at 7pm) – it’s the funniest show I’ve seen this Fringe, or any Fringe actually.

Spend a night in The Garden of Unearthly Delights, checking out Sammy J & Randy in Bin Night; Sam Simmons (who I haven’t yet seen but who is always hilarously mental); Ali Cook (super lovely London magician); Patrick Monahan (possibly the sweetest artist I’ve met this Fringe); Smart Casual (my interview with whom you can read here); Cantina (the most buzzed-about show for 2011 and top of my list for this evening); and Philip Escoffey (who was nice enough to let me enjoy his couch and drink his wine late one Saturday eve/Sunday morn). Whilst you’re there, visit the delightful Rogan in the party-dome masquerading as a bar (big white tent near the Ferris wheel) and hassle the flirtatious FOH-man Rowan – he’s impossible to miss with his flamingo-pink hair and matching satin bomber jacket.

Lose yourself in the dilapidated halls of Tuxedo Cat, which has both a cosy beer garden AND a breath-taking ballroom-cum-bar. Having migrated to Electra House, TC’s little rooms are home to the likes of The Hermitude of Angus, Ecstatic (my other Fringe must-see), Dr Brown Because, and this super-adorable puppet piece called Fin which unfortunately has finished for the season (I’ll chuck my review of it up shortly).

Pop by Format (tucked away on Peel St, between Currie & Hindley) to catch the disarmingly charming Bart Freebairn and his buddy Tommy Dassalo – both super lovely lads worthy of your dollars.

By then, you should be ready to collapse in an artistically-exhausted heap – if not, repeat the above as required.

For all the Fringe goodness you could possibly want, head to the Adelaide Fringe website; and, if you’re aged 18-30 and like cheap shit, sign up as a Fringe Benefits member – it’s free! (Dirty shameless work plug, I know).


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