Cloudy skies and silver linings

Yes, the skies outside my window are filled with gray fluffy things that’ve been spewing water all day. Yes, I’m kinda sick still; and yes, the Adelaide Fringe is finished for another year, and all my wonderful new friends have packed their bags for Melbourne/home/somebody else’s bed. I’ve been lax over the past weeks when it comes to my daily noting of things I’m thankful for, but here are some silver linings to the clouds outside my door:

friggen awesome

The pretty pictures and insightful words on my lovely friend Lana’s blog never fail to inspire me. Our friendship actually blossomed thanks to this post; something super special and thanks-worthy in itself.

The Touch + Jonothon Boulet + John Steel Singers

I stupidly missed seeing Jonothon Boulet at Falls Festival this year and remember sitting at my campsite, listening to ‘Animal’ echo around the clearing and wishing I was in there thumping away my sorrows. I now have a second chance: Boulet, Queenslanders (and my Fuse Festival party pals) John Steel Singers and local rapscallions The Touch are all prepping to blast your eardrums and burn holes in your dancing shoes at Adelaide’s Fowlers Live this Saturday night. You can get yourself a ticket here.

The Salvadors + Last Dinosaurs + Papa vs. Pretty

It’s set to be quite the musical showdown on Saturday night: as well as the aformentioned Fowlers Live gig, a few streets over The Ed Castle will be playing host to up-and-comers The Salvadors (adl), Papa vs Pretty (syd) and Last Dinosaurs (bris). Last Dinosaurs put on a pumpin’ show at Falls Festival recently; and Papa vs. Pretty’s ‘Heavy Harm’ has to be one of the best tracks of 2011. Put aside your post-Fringe mopes and get yourself a ticket here – they’re only $12 for god’s sake.

to the glamour born

Back when I first started reading Dolly magazine in high school, Zoe Collins was the beauty editor. Since then, I’ve continued to grab the occasional copy (it’s research, and tax deductable, okay? Don’t judge me), but Collins has moved on to the brighter, lusher lands of her blog, to the glamour born. It’s a fashion maven’s haven, a tasteful medley of vintage treasures, designer delights and Collins’ own outfit posts.

Recently, I was the lucky winner of this gorgeous Pretty Dog ring, so this is my thanks to Zoe and Tanya – my super stylish silver linings.



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