fourwords’ free Adelaide artist space | Paint the Walls @ Maga Zine | Illiterate girls ftw

Image: All Movie Portal

Everyone loves a freebie, none more so that the perpetually cash-strapped artist. Adelaide collective of radness fourwords understand this, and are taking a moment out from staging sweet gigs and exhibitions to offer you a spot in their upcoming Artist Space.

Set to take place in a big open-plan warehouse somewhere in the heart of the CBD, the whole thing sounds rather Andy Warhol’s Factory-esque to me: arty types are invited to cover the bare walls in their colourful masterpieces, set up a temporary studio spot or just rock in for some coffee and hangs. At present, the space will likely only be open on weekends from 11am – 4pm, and is hoped to be something of a live exhibition space, where artists can create and art lovers can soak up the vibes.

The space will be opening this Sunday, June 19: it’s at 238 Angas St (Sovereign building, next door to Dom Polski) and you can find more details on the Facebook event page. Meanwhile, if you or someone you know is jellybean-keen to get involved, shoot an email to hey[at] You can also find out more about the space, who fourwords are and what they do (besides offer awesome free hangouts) over at their website.

Paint the Walls @ Maga Zine

Speaking of painting walls: tonight at Maga Zine gallery will be going off in celebration of owner Josh Fanning’s birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with free beer and food, pumpin’ tunes thanks toΒ Wax Museum and 27 artists taking over the gallery’s walls? There’ll also be crateloads of paint; enough paint, in fact, for you to make your own mark on Maga Zine’s walls.

Still not convinced? You might just get to hang with Fred too.

All the info can be found here.

You should date an illiterate girl

Image: Liftlines & landmines

This piece by Charles Warnke had me giggling into my Earl Grey this morning, particularly because his thoughts have been echoed by my own boyfriend. Alex (a hypocrite, considering how much of a bookworm he himself is) constantly remarks upon my use of bizarre words and how he now feels pressured to use correct grammar in text messages; and reading Warnke’s article, I definitely saw aspects of myself. Girls, read this to feel proud of your smarts, but don’t show the boys; we don’t want them getting any ideas.

Whatever your weekend plans, be they painting, reading, drinking or sleeping (the last being my personal favourite), I hope they’re delightful.



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