Fridays and fairy floss locks

Photo by me. 'Cause I'm awesome.

It’s the most glorious day outside! But if that, or the fact that it’s Friday isn’t enough for you, here’s a list of things I think are the bees knees right now:

Dianna Agron’s new pretty in pink ‘do…

Katie Holmes’s razor cut bob and chocolate locks (via Zoe Foster’s ace Primped blog)*

…and the candybar colours of FAMOUS mag’s Fashion & Lifestyle pic ed, Jody Phan

Maiden Sydney’s super-fly banner & blog**


*Who I embarrassingly called ‘Ms Collins’ in my comment, instead of her actual name, Ms Foster. Fridayitis strikes again!

**Their latest picture post is titled ‘Tits out Friday’. If that’s not awesome, nothing is.


2 thoughts on “Fridays and fairy floss locks

  1. Holy moly this Jody Phan chick has exactly the bleach blonde and cut I’ve imagined in my head to get for months. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I’m running off to stalk her now.

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