The Top Five sites I’m obsessing over right now

Image: sumfin fancy

I love lists. They offer up interesting content in a quick, non-commital format that even lazy and time-challenged bloggers like myself can manage. Pretty sure that’s what Chuck would call #winning.

#5 site I’m obsessing over:

Sumfin Fancy

Badass tumblr by Le Blow’s Music Ed, Karmel Mandrick. Warning: may cause reblogging induced RSI (that’s the technical term for sore fingies, right?)

#4 site I’m obsessing over:


Beauty how-to’s? Check. Product reviews by both spiffy professionals and snazzy everyday women? Check. Award’s show wrap-ups and daily tips on how to look as smokin’ as your fave celeb, all delivered in a cas, best girl-friend-y style? Checkaroony. This is the website that ignited my beauty blogging dreams.

P.s. How damn fine did Rachael Taylor look at the Emmy’s? Can’t wait ’til my hair grows long enough to rock this bob.

#3 site I’m obsessing over:

Le Blow

Having only discovered Le Blow this arvo, I have a lot of catch-up reading to do, but I can tell this is the beginning of a beautiful addiction. Think savvy fillies with something interesting to say and a witty way to say it, setting them apart from (in their words) “the identikit glossy editorial clones”. They also introduced me to Poppy Dinsey and a potential new obsession – more on that at a later date.

#2 site I’m obsessing over:

Day n Night

This blog is kinda like a virtual representation of the art gallery I wish I curated. There’s music, fashion, photography – you name it, Pashon and friends have it covered. And, I guarantee you the bangin’ artists in their pages aren’t ones you’ve seen before.

And the #1 site I’m obsessing over:


If I could work anywhere, it’d be here. One day, it’ll happen… but for now, I’ll settle for weekly doses of Trashbaggery (Perez Hilton with a sense of humor personality).

I will now leave you with this:

Peace out



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