KMS California gets Real

KMS California have been using their scientific smarts to make your hair happy for close to 40 years now. But apparently that’s no longer enough: the team at KMS want to make you a star as well.

Enter The Real Project– an initiative aimed at celebrating your individuality and giving you the opportunity to express yourself (or so the website says). If you’re a “crazy, unique, creative, fun, expressive individual” KMS want you to shoot and upload a 15 second video that captures “what you’re really about”. If you’re none of those five things, well, why not give it a crack anyway – it sure beats making yet another acoustic Justin Bieber cover. They’ve even got an iPhone app to assist webcam-less plebs like myself.

So what are the perks? The 15 most popular videos (yes, you’ll need to whore your soul via social media to win this one) will make up KMS’s next TV campaign, turning the lucky winners into stars and giving the brand’s regular advertising crew a few days off. Oh, and if you’re one of the first 100 people to enter you’ll score some free shit from KMS too.

Even if 15 seconds of fame isn’t your ideal, the KMS website is still worth a look. It boasts a nifty little “magazine” (okay, it’s more like a digital product catalogue) featuring some pretty sexy styles, some of which come withΒ  step-by-step instructions on how to make them your own. But what struck me most was the array of kickass styles for short hair – something that I and my newly cropped locks have been sorely missing.

All images are courtesy of KMS California.



2 thoughts on “KMS California gets Real

  1. Sounds fun, I sincerely hope you will be sending in a video of your “crazy, unique, creative, fun, expressive” self!!! Also I think I need to go get myself a 60s haircut complete with bangs, layers and lots of volume. What do you think?

    • Maybe, once I work out who my “crazy, unique, creative, fun, expressive” self is! All I can come up with at the moment is “lover of other people’s cats”.
      I think you should go for the first blonde style – the thick sideswept bangs and the crinkly curls. In a shade of strawberry blonde!!!

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