Isabel Lucas for ASOS Australia

ASOS Australia has officially launched, and who better to grace their first magazine cover than vintage-hippie goddess Isabel Lucas? (The correct answer is no-one, for those of you playing at home). Here she is at the Sydney launch event rocking my favourite shade of terracotta and a beaded 1920’s headpiece most of us could only dream of pulling off.

All images courtesy of Grazia

Now comes the point where I shamefully admit that I’ve never purchased anything from ASOS. It’s not that I don’t dig their wares; on the contrary, they stock so many incredible pieces that I tend to pile my shopping cart with far more sartorial goodies than I could ever afford, then freak out, get overwhelmed and bail on the whole business in favour of pouring another glass of shiraz. Yes, I’m a spazz, especially when it comes to online shopping. But I’m working on it.

Other things you should know:

I have a post up on Lost at E Minor, and if you haven’t already, grab a copy of the October issue of CLEO to find out what Soap & Glory body butter smells like (something akin to heaven).Β  My bestie just started a blog. My friend Lauren also writes about her fashion adventures – she has the best style of anyone I know, so I definitely recommend checking her out. The Bowerbird Bazaar is coming up in Adelaide soon – put it in your diaries and do your homework by checking out my post on last year’s event. Then get pumped for the weekend with this song, this song and this podcast.



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