Merry Christmas to you & to you & to you: A Festive Entertainment Guide

{credit: Herald Sun}

Good news everyone: it’s Christmas (and subsequently, holiday) time! I hope that, wherever you’re reading this, you’re all geared up for a safe and rocking celebration (or several).

Studies say that no-one really reads blogs over the holidays; but in case you need something to stave off your blinding hangover/food coma, the following links should get you through to New Years Day at least:

You Me & Charlie

Dianna Agron is stop-you-in-the-street beautiful; a star in one of the most popular tv series on the planet; quite the gifted penman; and, from the sounds of this blurb, really freakin’ lovely. I wrote about her new website You Me & Charlie for Local Smile recently, but I’m mentioning it again because its awesome.


Demijohn won’t help stave off your hangover. In fact, they’re liable to make it a lot worse. But my boyfriend just wafted the Seville Orange Gin under my nose and it was the most incredibly delicious pure-spirit I’ve ever inhaled, so my suggestion is you suck it up and embrace the Hair of the Dog approach to life.


Just like Alice, there’s nothing that I love more than discovering and exploring new shit.* Wikifashion is surely nothing new to anyone with an interest in the fashion interwebs, but what it does offer is an insane volume of content just waiting to be clicked on and ogled; though I’m admittedly disappointed that only three blogs have been listed under the Adelaide blogs category.

David Thorne

I’m pretty sure that, were David Thorne and I acquainted IRL, I’d deem him a bit of a tosser and someone to avoid. Luckily, we’ve never met, thus leaving me free to enjoy his miscellaneous ranting and irritation-provoking, via his website and book (an early and unputdownable Christmas present for Alex). My recommendations: I have read your website and it is obviously that your a foggot, Missing Missy and Roz loves Adelaide* (Thorne’s home town).

And that’s all she wrote. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.




*She owns a private plain bitches. Just like Brangelina.


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