The Wisdom of Lily Cole

Let’s be honest: I’ve always liked Lily Cole, but in the same way that I like cups of tea with sugar instead of honey. Both are pleasant, enjoyable, but definitely nothing to shout from the rooftops about. At least, until I came across this scanned clipping on the Wildfox Couture blog.

In the interview with UK Harpers Bazaar, Cole espouses her views on eco-fashion and materialism with the candid confidence of a 20-something woman who is both socially conscious and refreshingly honest in the choices she makes. She isn’t down with cheap labour, but admits to the hypocrisy of refusing to wear fur yet rocking a good leather jacket. She is unashamed, articulate, and hands-on; and how cute does the concept behind her and Katherine Poulton’s label The North Circular sound? (If you’re too slack to read the article, NC bring together wool from rescued sheep and knit-happy grannies to create magic… or at least, ethical knitwear).

Ms. Cole, you are much more than a pretty face, and never again will I dismiss you as simply “that redheaded model who had a fling with Heath Ledger”. And while at 350 GBP there’s no way in the world I’ll ever be able to own one of your granny-made Fisherman’s Rib sweater dresses, I still think you’re ace.


{img src: Wildfox Couture. Having trouble reading? Click on the images for the original large scans}


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