Lana Del Rey + Terry Richardson

I’m still not sure whether Lana Del Rey is worth all the fuss. Yes, ‘Video Games’ has slowly grown on me; and what I’ve heard of her much-hyped release ‘Born to Die’ (which you can stream preview snippets of) I actually rather like, especially the playground sing-song rhythms of ‘Off to the Races’, but you won’t find me clambering onto a shout-friendly rooftop anytime soon. Nevertheless, she does look pretty fuss-worthy in these snaps from Lord Whitebackdropington, Terry Richardson.

The simplicity of the fashion in this editorial makes me beam from ear to ear, mostly because I too own a white cableknit sweater, white singlet, jeans and KISS-worthy tongue, and now have a perfect guideline for how to scrub up comfy-yet-chic.

On a same-same-but-different note, here’s my favourite image of Lizzie Grant thus far, taken for Interview Russia:

I couldn’t tell you what I love more: the outrageously glam winged eyeliner, or the tongue-in-cheek play on Del Rey’s “bee stung lips”.

via pedestrian tv


One thought on “Lana Del Rey + Terry Richardson

  1. It’s safe to say I’m a fan of Del Rey (and secretly a poet), but, having never listened to the whole album, only select songs on YouTube, I think I would get bored/annoyed with her sickly, drawling vocals. I’ve absolutely thrashed “Video Games” but also take great pleasure reading things like “26 Meanest Quotes from Reviews of Lana Del Rey’s New Album” and trashy articles from Hipster Runoff
    Also, part of me now wants to get lip injections, haha.

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