The Game + Yanni Floros + a girl and her rat

“Oh hey, nice to see you. Rattus and I got sick of that Dynasty dress-up party and decided to come and stare at the kitchen ceiling instead. Isn’t it just totally dreamy?”*

To cheer myself up since the Adelaide Festival and Barrio wrapped, I’ve written a couple of things. If you’re in the vicinity of Adelaide, check out The Game exhibition at Tooth and Nail gallery; but be sure to read the pun-tastic review I wrote for Fringe Benefits first! And if you can’t make the exhibition, at least check out this Lost at E Minor post on exhibiting artist Yanni Floros. Now, if someone at G Star would just commission Floros to illustrate their next campaign…

Blind Sided

Turn around

Silver lining

Black magic

Oh, and if you’re anticipating boredom this weekend and don’t mind getting your geek on, Oz Comic-Con makes its Australian debut at the Adelaide Showgrounds with Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings trilogy), Ben Browder (the hot Yank from Farscape and Richard Dean Anderson’s replacement on Stargate SG1), Corin Nemec (the hot alien Jonas Quinn from Stargate SG1) and Jewel Staite (who was in Firefly and Stargate Atlantis, and is also rather hot), along with many other names to nerd out over. I’m personally looking forward to spotting new outrageous wig ideas (see lilac do, right) at Saturday’s Cosplay parade.


*Photo by Lukasz Wierzbowski via The Thousands Melbourne. You can see more of Lukasz’s work as part of I.P.F. 2012.


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