Who wore it best: Krysten Ritter, Dreama Walker and Shenae Grimes in Alice + Olivia

I thought I’d try something a little different today. My favourite part of any fashion weekly are those pages where experts rag on what celebrities are wearing, often in a snarky LOL-worthy fashion; and my favourite of all is undoubtedly WHO/People magazine’s Who wore it best.

Now, I’m way too time-poor to scoure the net for images for celebrities’ “I can’t believe that bitch wore the same dress as me!” moments, but thanks to Red Carpet Fashion Awards, I didn’t have to!

Here, you can see (l-r) Krysten Ritter, Dreama Walker and Shenae Grimes at the screening of ‘Don’t Trust The B…. In Apartment 23’ at the Tribeca Grand Screening Room in New York City this week, all dressed in Alice + Olivia but looking remarkably different.

Krysten Ritter looks sweet in her Alice + Olivia ‘Jayna’ black lace dress with flare pleated skirt, high-neckline and patent leather belt, but there’s something subtle about this look that bothers me. It feels quite ye olde Victorian and gothic, which compliments Krysten’s porcelain skin and dark locks beautifully. I also love the colour pop of her red Aldo pumps, but the two styles seem to not quite fit together. I wish she’d picked some shoes in more of a blush tone to match her lovely lipstick and detract less from the dress.

Dreama Walker looks foxy in an Alice + Olivia ‘Georgina’ fitted peplum dress, but doesn’t quite live up to the dress’s potential. I’d love to have seen Dreama add some pizzaz to the outfit with gold glitter pumps or a contrasting colour block palette of hot pink or purple, instead of just playing it safe with basic black heels and clutch. Her wrists look like they’re crying out for some kind of embellishment too. At least she didn’t go all matchy-matchy and steal Krysten’s shoes, so that’s something.

However, Shenae Grimes easily wins my wannabe-punk heart in this edgy ensemble. Teaming an Alice + Olivia ‘Butterfly’ leather top with Alice + Olivia cropped black skinny floral jeans, the ‘90210’ actress finishes off her look with those to-die-for Chloé studded ankle boots that I’ll never be able to afford but will forever long for. While Shenae’s look is borderline casual for a red carpet affair, her low-key makeup and hair create a youthful, ‘I’ll wear what the f*** I want when I want’ attitude that makes me want to befriend her immediately. Forgiving the lack of a statement cuff instead of that black bracelet-thing (is that a hairband??), this look is the winner for me.



P.S. If you’ve been missing me (aww, stop it!), stop by LUNA magazine and Breakfast With Audrey, where I’ll be sharing the latest and best in fashion and beauty things and stuff.


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