Stolen Girlfriends Club Jewellery Lookbook

Following on from my post about Stolen Girlfriends Club’s delicious winter duds, I couldn’t resist also sharing their jewellery lookbook with you all. It’s so simple – skulls, roses and sparkly things – yet so darn effective at the same time.

Running alongside these beautiful stills is a second lot of campaign images; this time depicting the pieces as caught up in the romantic affairs of two young lovers. Where the skull-and-flower combination evokes a sense of dark, melancholic beauty, these black and white photographs show the collection in a softer, more romantic (and possibly, wearable) light.

Now, if only I could actually afford some of SGB’s beautiful wares, I’d be set! If you’re wealthier than I, you can find the collection at SGC’s online store.

Also, sorry posts have been even more scant than usual of late. I’ve been writing my toosh off over at LUNA magazine, interviewing all sorts of people with far more interesting and cool things to say than I. I’m hoping to update the portfolio section within the next couple of days, but if you’re interested head on over and have a peruse.



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