Mockingbird Lounge

Have you ever had a brilliant idea, only to awake one day and realise that someone has beaten you to it? That happened to me recently when, upon the recommendation of a customer, I found myself in the kitsch kid’s dream that is Mockingbird Lounge.

Sitting unobtrusively on Glenelg’s Broadway, away from the main drag and hoards of barely-dressed teens and bewildered tourists, Mockingbird is a cafe-cum-bookshop that seems to have come straight from the pages of frankie magazine. The coffee is well above average (and as a girl who sleeps with a barista, I don’t say that lightly), the treats are homemade and deliciously unpretentious, and every spare space is devoted to beauty – whether it be hand-crafted goodies to purchase, local artworks or the books that owner Stacy carefully sources herself.

I could go on, but my beautiful friend Kelsey has already said everything that needs to be said over on her blog, sweet nothings, accompanied by more photos than you can poke a Pinterest board at. So have a read, then make the time to snuggle up in one of Mockingbird’s lustable vintage armchairs and reacquaint yourself with the beauty of the printed word. No i-anythings allowed.


4 thoughts on “Mockingbird Lounge

    • Mine too! Perhaps we can band together and make that our mission: to set up amazing book-nooks in the world’s best cities. Quality control testing of the coffee and reading material will obviously be part of the job description, as will copious amounts of travelling, but I’m sure we could suffer through.

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