Adelaide Fashion Festival: Brides of Adelaide Bridal Runway Fusion [REVIEW]

Let’s get one thing straight: I am not one of those girls who’s been planning her wedding since she first kissed a boy on the cheek in kindergarten. My string of failed romantic endeavours pre-Alex had me doubting I would ever find a boyfriend I wanted to stay with for more than a month, let alone the rest of my life. And yet part of me is crazy obsessed with wedding dresses; so I couldn’t resist the invitation to check out Brides of Adelaide‘s Bridal Runway Fusion showcase.

As part of the 2012 Adelaide Fashion Festival, entertainment stalwart Thebarton Theatre was transformed into a fashionista’s dream, with an oversized white catwalk (what other colour were you expecting?) flanked by large screens – all the better to watch I Do cinema’s adorbs mash-up of movie weddings on – ensuring that the 84 year old theatre felt as cosy as a wedding chapel.

The list of local, national and international designers on show was impressive even to a bridal show virgin such as myself: Paolo Sebastian, Suzana Lucci, Mariana Hardwick, Brides By The Park, Bridal on Pultney, Lisa Ho (who I last wrote about for LUNA magazine), Red Pearl Couture, Anna Campbell, Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal, Betrothed, Malachi Empire and Eliza French.

Perched in the front row (watch out Wintour!) I had an enviable view of the collections, many of which opted for sophisticated elegance over My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding-style tumescence. Strapless designs were a big hit, as were tulle, french lace and silk concoctions. I’m not a huge fan of stiff corseted, gothic designs, so was glad to see so many classical, streamlined silhouettes on offer, along with alternatives to the traditional snow white gown – the best being a slinky sea green number that could fulfill any woman’s mermaid fantasies. Also, sweeping trains seem to be having a moment – AWESOMESAUCE.

Highlights included Lisa Ho’s subtle cut-outs, Paolo Sebastian’s peek-a-boo streams of chiffon, Red Pearl Couture’s printed offering and Suzanna Lucci’s pretty polka dots – perfect for if Zooey Deschanel ever finds a second hubby. Oh, and local DJ Tink’s pumping soundtrack of epic classical anthems, interlaced with pumping girl power tunes.

Opening with a classical orchestra serenading guests from the balcony, and closing with the Disney Princess fantasy designs of Eliza French, Brides of Adelaide created a dream that seemed to have everyone enthralled from start to finish. If only the post-parade finish (a stilted thanking of the sponsors, followed by dead air and an absence of any “thanks for coming, be sure to check out Brides of Adelaide magazine”, etc.) hadn’t been so abrupt – I feel like a representative from the magazine or event team providing a personal thanks on stage would have gone down much better. But if that’s the only thing I can quibble about – which it is – I think you’d agree that Brides of Adelaide are most definitely onto a winner.

Check out the gallery below for some of my iPhone snaps of the evening (apologies for any blurriness); and if you’re still on the hunt for some frockspiration, I highly recommend my friend Peta’s Pinterest board.



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