WIN Beautiful Summer Skin With Comvita

Here’s a scary thought for you all: Christmas is just around the corner. My bestie took to Facebook last week to brag about having completed all of her silly season shopping; and whilst I’m nowhere near that organized, I’ve at least got my mum’s present sorted.

My family have been big fans of Comvita for a long time. Mum always keeps a tub of their Manuka honey in the fridge ready to ward off sore throats; my boyfriend and I knock back shots of the Olive Leaf Extract daily; and I’ve found their Medihoney Eczema Cream to be the best on the market for soothing my fake-tan exacerbated skin.

It’s pretty perfect then that Comvita have put together a Summer Essentials pack, just in time for gifting. Included is a selection of luxurious Manuka skincare products to nourish the skin as nature intended; some Manuka Honey and Olive Leaf Extract to boost your immunity, protect your cells from damage with natural antioxidants, and give you that whole “beauty from the inside out” thing magazines always seem to be talking about; and some natural whitening toothpaste to give you chompers shinier than Hilary Duff’s.

The pack is valued at $160, but the nice folk at Comvita are getting into the Christmas spirit by offering it to you for only $99 through their online store.

And in even better news, they’re also offering you the chance to get yourself some beautiful, glowing summer skin by winning a Summer Essentials pack for yourself! To win, you just need to follow this link and tell us in 25 words or less, what you think is essential for a happy, healthy summer.

If you need me, I’ll be seeking out the last of the sun’s dying rays, sipping on a green tea cocktail… That’s still kind of healthy, right?


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