Gemma Correll: Giggles Guaranteed

Poor Alex. Any time I flip open my laptop and fire up the internet (fire up? That’s a bit dramatic), he can expect an endless barrage of “cute” and “hilarious” discoveries to follow. The majority of which he finds only moderately cute and/or hilarious, leaving him frustrated and me exceptionally sooky.

However! Today I stumbled upon the illustrations of a lady named Gemma Correll. Falling immediately in love, I demanded Alex pause his game of DOTA (Death of the Ancients, for those of you playing at home) and pay attention to the cute, hilarious illustrations I’d found. And do you know what he did? He laughed. At every picture I showed him. Then followed them up with a couple of conceded, “that’s quite funny”‘s.

Below I’ve compiled a few of my favourites (along with a list as to why Ms. Correll and I should become penpals) so that you too, dear reader, might enjoy a chuckle or two:

Five reasons Gemma and I should totes be besties:

1. She clearly appreciates a good word. For example: Albuquerque – quoted in her FAQ’s as being her favourite word. Mine is Pudding (stolen from Seth Cohen). Miranda’s is Husk. We should all get together, drink wine and make funny noises with our mouths.

2. We both love cats. Not as much as this lady though.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2013! Yeah! Let’s do this.

3. We both enjoy a good pun or several.

4. We’re both big fans of beautiful men. See: RuPaul’s Drag Race; David Bowie.

5. Gemma seems to love drawing food. I love eating food.

Should you require even more giggles, you can find Gemma on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, InstagramTumblr, or on her blog. And if you like what you see, I highly recommend checking out the work of Able & Game and Kate Pullen as well – two incredibly talented illustrators (well, technically 3) from right here in Australia.



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