Detoxin’ with Thug Kitchen

You may have noticed that it’s been a good two months since anything happened on this blog. See, I’ve been working on this little thing called the Adelaide Fringe – the second-biggest arts festival in the world after Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Specifically, I was working on a program called Fringe Benefits: if you’re in Adelaide and aged 18-30, sign up for free here and enjoy discounts and freebies to festivals, gigs, shows, films and other cool shit all year round. You’re welcome.

With the Fringe now finished for another year (*sniff*), I’m suffering through the traditional post-Fringe flu; yearning to detox my body and return to my favourite past-times of drinking gallons of tea and falling asleep at 9pm. These images from Thug Kitchen are inspiring me to get back on the healthy living wagon… and also making me laugh. A lot.

*If you don’t like strong language, look away now









If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen, brewing up some tasty lavender lemonade (and sneaking in some gin when you’re not looking)




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