Cool Change

grazia-10september2012- 1

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts folder for months now. Originally, it was to be a virtual gust of cool air during a stifling summer heatwave; now, the crisp whites and ice blues reflect the weather outside as it eases its way towards the winter months (“Winter is coming” you guys).

For those of you playing at home, this is the ‘Cool Change’ editorial from Grazia Australia (RIP you stylish vixens) September 10/Issue #201.

grazia-10september2012- 8


grazia-10september2012- 4

Grazia-10September2012- 5

grazia-10september2012- 6

grazia-10september2012- 7

Grazia-10September2012- 9

Also, can we please take a moment to reflect on what a babe Montana Cox is? I didn’t watch her ANTM cycle, but I must admit she’s one of those faces that can sell me a magazine, no matter what title it is or what’s inside of it. And doesn’t she look like a baby Miranda in the photo below? Some people…



Finally, the lack of recent blog posts can mean only one thing: new job! Yep, I’m currently repping Adelaide Film Festival and Adelaide Festival of Ideas in the digital realm, as their Digital Marketing Coordinator. So please, if you like films, ideas, interesting stuff or me, follow us at AFFestival and ideasadelaide on Facebook; @AFF2013 and @AFOI_2013 on Twitter; and @aff_2013 and @afoi_2013 on Instagram.

[images via Chic, Rich Girlss]


One thought on “Cool Change

  1. Hmm, I’m going to dissent and say I don’t love the shoot. Sure, it’s aesthetically appealing, but only because the model is skinny. The styling wouldn’t look great on the average person and doesn’t inspire me as a fashion consumer.

    I understand that styling inspiration isn’t necessarily the point of the shoot, but if that isn’t the point, then what is? It doesn’t push any artistic boundaries. What’s the main message you get when you look at that package of photos? I know I wouldn’t be alone in saying the only message I get from the editorial is this: the photos tell me I’m not skinny enough. That is literally the only thing I get from it. That’s all it says.

    Perhaps I’m overanalysing, or perhaps fashion magazines need to have yet another introspective moment about the values they prioritise.

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