Your guide to getting gorgeous gams this Summer with Schick

As I write this, it’s a Tuesday morning in December in Nice, France, and the thermostat is sitting at a pleasant 11°C. Back home in Adelaide, that classifies as positively chilly; but after a week of Venice’s flooded canals and bone-chilling winds, the French Riviera seems positively toasty.

In my leopard print Mink Pink sweater, pencil skirt, Spurr ankle boots and bare legs, I’m copping some interesting looks from the rugged-up locals, but I don’t care. This may be my last chance to show off my sleek and silky pins before winter truly hits and they’re buried beneath an avalanche of thermals and Nobody’s, not to be seen again ’til Spring.

Just before departing on this continental adventure, a Schick Hydro Silk razor landed in my letterbox for review, under the guise of getting your gams summer-ready (more on that later). My limbs are unfortunately heading nowhere near summer, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be spiffily smooth, and for this purpose the Hydro Silk has proven itself to be a wonderful traveling companion.

The unique moisturising strip, with water activated moisturising serum and refreshing marine extracts was enough to see me through a stint with neither shaving cream nor moisturiser (I’m not the best at packing). Meanwhile, the five curve sensing blades allow for a smooth, even shave in mere minutes, leaving more time for exploring and croissant-devouring (not necessarily in that order).

For those of you lucky enough to be gearing up for a sunny December and beyond, here’s everything you need to know to get your pins poolside perfect, along with some Instagram-sourced inspo:

20131205-174633.jpg20131205-174722.jpg*Allow your shaving cream or gel to soften the skin for a few minutes before you begin to shave.
20131205-174801.jpg20131205-174826.jpg*Press lightly in an upward motion towards your knee, using short, smooth smooth strokes with a steady, even pressure. Don’t rush or press down too hard – you should let the shaver do the work.20131205-174923.jpg20131205-174945.jpg*Change your razor blade after approx 5 uses. A dull razor blade can irritate the skin, cause razor rash, and you can cut skin more easily with a dull blade.20131205-175023.jpg20131205-175206.jpg*Underarm hair grows in lots of directions, so to get the closest shave possible you may need to shave side to side and down, as well as the traditional up (against the grain of the hair growth).20131205-174743.jpg20131205-175246.jpg*After shaving underarm hair, don’t apply antiperspirant for several hours until natural barrier oils return to protect the skin.20131205-175316.jpg20131205-175425.jpg20131205-175409.jpg20131205-175452.jpgAll in all, it’s not hard to see why the Hydro Silk has become the number one selling razor amongst Australian women*. I just wish I’d packed more than one refill to see me through to Summer.20131205-175520.jpg20131205-175549.jpg
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Images: @begomartin3, @manrepeller, @erinwasson, @isabellaias, @suki_swim, @mahinaalexander, @gypsyone, @frank_bod, @brittanynicholelucas

*Based on unit sales of new women’s razors launched in the last 12 months. Aztec National Grocer Scan 8/9/13.


Live it just for what it’s worth

inspiration board_resolutions

Inspired by the works of Kimberly from a bit coquettish*, I decided to kick off 2013 with a visual interpretation of what I’d like to achieve this year.

~ Inject a bit of old-fashioned glamour into my relatively laid-back, simplistic lifestyle – particularly when it comes to fashion and beauty. Whilst I’m never going to abandon my love for all things punk, street and hopelessly kitsch, as I approach my mid-twenties it surely wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of an elegant streak tucked away. Plus, I’ll take any excuse to rock a bold red lip.

~ Wear more lipstick. Moreover, develop some discipline in the art of re-applying said lipstick throughout the day, instead of simply swiping it on right before grabbing my morning takeaway long black and then being lazy for the rest of the day. I recently stumbled upon the brilliance that is Limecrime lipstick; and like Ash Ketchum in the Pokeverse, I’m desperate to catch’em all. However, before I’m allowed to blow a week’s paycheck on their crazy array of colours, I’ve promised to give some love and attention to the lippies already filling my maquillage bag.

~ Spend more time outdoors. Even if it’s just sitting out in the backyard reading. My Christmas-New Year vacation was spent house-sitting for a workmate down by the beach, and after just 3 afternoons spent lounging on the deck I’m a delightfully delicate shade of tan. We’re talking the kind of natural caramel that I’ve never been able to achieve from a bottle; that comes not from hours baking in the blazing heat, but from gentle smatterings of Vitamin D.
This is also the closest I’ll get to an exercise resolution. With no intention of joining a gym anytime soon, and no real love for running, it’d be nice if 2013 could yield some sort of outdoor physical activity that’ll keep me fit and offer enjoyment at the same time. Bonus points if it’s something I can convince the Boy to take part in too.
Current ideas include hiking (Adelaide has a surprising number of gorgeous walking trails to offer, not far from the city and without the maddening crowds of Mt Lofty), waveskiing, and informal bouts of dodgeball at the nearby school oval.

~ Read as much as humanely possible. Fuel said reading with copious amounts of delicious herbal teas, but only one coffee per day (unless it’s Fringe time, in which case anything goes).

~ Continue to love with every fibre of my being. I would have also included a friend-related image but there was no space. Regardless, I wish to treasure every amazing person who comes and goes from my life, and do my best to let them know how kick-ass they are.

~ Make false eyelashes my bitch.

~ Journey the globe, seek out adventure and collect as many tales as possible, all in the company of the man I love.

Finally, all of the above points aside, as long as 2013 is as awesome as 2012, that’s good enough for me.


* Recommended reading: Kimberly’s post on New Year’s Resolutions

Images: a bit coquettish/Pinterest
Title lyric: The Flatliners – ‘New Year’s Resolution’

Happy Holidays from Biotherm and Mission Blue

If you read even half as many beauty magazines and blogs as I do, you’ll know that beauty products that multi-task are the must-have for 2012 (and 2013, provided those kooky Mayans were wrong). BB creams, toning moisturizers, hair colour that you can also draw on the pavement with… The list goes on. But I think I’ve found the best bipolar beauty buy yet – a Christmas gift, summer skin savior and environmental protector, all in one!

That’s right: Biotherm – the French luxury skincare house – has concocted limited charity editions of its iconic products, just in time for the holiday season. With re-imagined designs by talented Swedish illustrator Ingela Peterson Arrhenius, the products will raise money to support Mission Blue, the global ocean charity founded by renowned oceanographer, Dr Sylvia Earle.

As the first endeavor of the newly-created charity platform, Biotherm Water Lovers, the brand has committed to donating a minimum of 250,000 Euros to help fund Mission Blue’s efforts to create a large-scale marine reserve for the Ross Sea; one of the most pristine marine environments left on Earth. Once an undisturbed hotspot of biodiversity home to 40 species found nowhere else in the world, the Ross Sea is now under threat from industrial fishing and climate change.

So you know the benefits for everyone and everything else – but what’s in it for you (or your lucky giftee)? There are 13 different varieties of the Biotherm Christmas Sets for women and men, each one tailored to meet your varied skin needs, and every one boxed up with Ingela’s adorable underwater illustrations (seriously, the box is so cute I’ll be keeping it as a makeshift jewellery box).

I was lucky enough to receive the Aquasource Normal Skin Christmas Set in the post to take for a spin, containing:

– Aquasource Normal Skin Moisturiser 50ml
– Biosource Normal Skin Cleanser 50ml
– Biosource Normal Skin Toner 125ml

After arriving home from a long and humid day at the office, the Biosource Cleanser proved to be an absolute dream come true. The creamy lather it develops into means that a 5c piece-size dollop is more than enough, and I kid you not – my skin actually squeaked with cleanliness as I was washing it off. The delicate floral notes were also a welcome variation on those awful, fake ocean scents you often find attached to sea-themed beauty products.

Next up was the Normal Skin Toner. I don’t often use toners, as my skin is prone to dry spells and most of the ones I’ve tried over the years have proven to be too harsh. Biotherm’s offering pleasantly surprised me, leaving my skin feeling a touch firmer, yet still supple and full of moisture. I’ll definitely be adding this product to my regimen over the coming oily summer months.

Finally, there was the moisturiser, or should I say, “24h* deep hydration replenishing gel with thermal plankton cellular water”. A light, aqueous product, it felt as smooth as angel kisses on my skin. I can’t gush enough how wonderful this would feel on hot, or god forbid, sunburned skin.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone else, or simply something to treat yourself with, these Biotherm gift sets should be top of your wish-list. And at as little as $49, they’re proof that saving the environment (not to mention your skin) doesn’t have to break the bank.

Still not convinced? Download this voucher and pop into your nearest MYER store to receive a complementary skin consultation and FREE deluxe sample, especially suited to your skin type. Merry Christmas!

A Merry Reebonz Christmas

Continuing on from the last post, I’ve found another solution for your Christmas gift woes.

Reebonz is an online store specialising in flash-sales of to-die-for luxury handbags and accessories. And when I say luxury, I mean top notch – current sales on the site include quilted Chanels, Proenza Schouler satchels and a splash of Burberrry for the fellas.

For a special time, you can get access to the members-only site using this promo code; and to help you out, I’ve compiled three gift bags perfect for the ladies in your life. Or, you know, yourself – I won’t judge.

The Sweetheart

Tom Ford Shopping Bag, Reebonz
Bra, Agent Provocateur
Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick, Rimmel London
Strawberry Liquorice, Darrel Lea

The Glamour Girl

Miu Miu Madras Bauletto, Reebonz
China Glaze Nail Enamel in No Plain Jane and Want My Bawdy, Crush Cosmetics
Purple false lashes, Eyelashes Direct
Katy Perry ‘Purr’ Perfume, Fragrance Shop

Little Miss Sunshine

Céline Medium Shoulder Bag, Reebonz
Chain and diamante short necklace, Colette by Colette Hayman
Jose Cuervo Reposado Tequila, Dan Murphy’s
Skyfall by OPI Nail enamel in GoldenEye, OPI
P-Rinngo Sandals, Steve Madden

And there’s plenty more where that came from! Check out Reebonz’s 50 Shades of Christmas for more inspiration, then sign up and get shopping!

WIN Beautiful Summer Skin With Comvita

Here’s a scary thought for you all: Christmas is just around the corner. My bestie took to Facebook last week to brag about having completed all of her silly season shopping; and whilst I’m nowhere near that organized, I’ve at least got my mum’s present sorted.

My family have been big fans of Comvita for a long time. Mum always keeps a tub of their Manuka honey in the fridge ready to ward off sore throats; my boyfriend and I knock back shots of the Olive Leaf Extract daily; and I’ve found their Medihoney Eczema Cream to be the best on the market for soothing my fake-tan exacerbated skin.

It’s pretty perfect then that Comvita have put together a Summer Essentials pack, just in time for gifting. Included is a selection of luxurious Manuka skincare products to nourish the skin as nature intended; some Manuka Honey and Olive Leaf Extract to boost your immunity, protect your cells from damage with natural antioxidants, and give you that whole “beauty from the inside out” thing magazines always seem to be talking about; and some natural whitening toothpaste to give you chompers shinier than Hilary Duff’s.

The pack is valued at $160, but the nice folk at Comvita are getting into the Christmas spirit by offering it to you for only $99 through their online store.

And in even better news, they’re also offering you the chance to get yourself some beautiful, glowing summer skin by winning a Summer Essentials pack for yourself! To win, you just need to follow this link and tell us in 25 words or less, what you think is essential for a happy, healthy summer.

If you need me, I’ll be seeking out the last of the sun’s dying rays, sipping on a green tea cocktail… That’s still kind of healthy, right?