Sportsgirls heart Dawson’s Creek | Topshop in the Trenches | Unknown wintry Pleasures

Here’s one of my many secret shames: I LOVE Dawson’s Creek. And every self-respecting DC-er knows that Pacey and Joey were the real stars of the Creek, which is why they got the “happily ever after” ending and Dawson ended up sitting alone in a production office. Sportsgirl are all over it; amongst their luscious new collection of winter offerings is this Pacey Check Coat.

Image: Sportsgirl

The checks are super on-trend for this season, and it’s the closest any of us’ll get to having Josh Jackson keeping us warm (curse you, Diane Kruger!)


Image: Topshop

While we’re on the topic of winter coats, I spied this orange (or ‘Tangy Peach’ if you’re hungry) Topshop trench coat in a recent edition of WHO magazine and have been scowling at the computer screen for the past 10 minutes, trying to suss a way to get my hands on one. The hunt was made a hell of a lot easier thanks to, a fashion blog/buying guide/treasure chest of all things covetable and couture – I’ll be subscribing to their newsletters fo’ sure.

Meanwhile, some other style mavens have beaten me to the punch and that tangerine temptress is all sold out; but I do quite enjoy these other two offerings, both at fairly reasonable prices.

Image: Topshop

Image: Topshop

Winter arrives at Unknown Pleasures

Image: Unknown Pleasures

If you’re not already a fan of style trove Unknown Pleasures, get onto it. Manned by the divine Ms. Ally, it’s a staple for fuss-free sartorial inspiration. Check out her latest post to see why.

Now I’m off: it’s time for bevvies with the boy, then the Attitude magazine launch with the ever-delightful Ms Lana G. Who says winter is dull?



Adelaide Fashion Festival 2010 launch

          All images courtesy of Adelaide Fashion Festival

If I seem a little worse for wear today (and I most certainly feel it), it’s just the price you pay for fabulousness. That’s most definitely what the 2010 Adelaide Fashion Festival‘s Opening Night Garden Party had in spades.

Transforming the elegant grounds of Government House into a fashion wonderland, guests mixed and mingled amongst installations of models dressed in stunning creations from Colour Cosmetica academy.

Thanks to the Adelaide Fashion Collective, my gorgeous partner-in-crime Astrid and I joined 300 of Adelaide’s elite at the exclusive event which was officially launched by His Excellency, The Governor of South Australia, Kevin Scarce, and the Hon John Hill, MP. My all-time favourite weather lady Jane Reilly was a radiant MC – if I manage to look even one-eighth as glamarous as she when I’m her age, I’ll be stoked.

Along with decadent nibblies and delicious drinks (any event which offers Spritz as a complimentary beverage wins mega points in my book), guests were treated to a preview parade featuring Harry Who, George Gross, Ivy League, Cameo, Oscar the Third, Liza Emanuele, Freres Unique Menswear, Razak and Alexis George and shoes by Mary-Kyri.

As is to be expected, many of the invitees were rocking ensembles to rival the models themselves. Shout outs go to Selena Battersby and her eye-catching digital print shift; the striking Amazonian woman in the power-lesbian suit ensemble standing near our table; the leggy exotic girl in the strapless black romper with the incredible train; the always-effervescent Stephanie Mountzouris; and the pretty girl with the bohemian headband and creme maxi. (That would’ve been so much easier if I knew who everyone was). And what did I end up wearing? A slate and black tie-dye Alice in the Eve maxi with cheeky side-panel cut outs, and Dotti clogs which became harder and harder not to stack it in as the night wore on.

As the garden festivities wound up, a small group kicked on at the Hotel Richmond (where I should probably mention how fabulously Daniel the bartender took care of us. He’s a bit of a ledge end, that one – and, as the ever-tactful Ms. Astrid discovered, straight. Get in there ladies). Blogging royalty Patty Huntington took some fetching snaps of dashing young designer Jamie Sortino ; I had a great chat with Adelaide Fashion Collective co-founder and local band manager Adam Monkhouse (who is also the paramour of the lovely Selena Battersby of AFC and Attitude magazine); and Filip Odzak was his typical fabulous self, keeping us entertained with his industry tales and gold-flecked champagne potions.

Massive thanks to everyone at the Adelaide Fashion Festival for a truly splendid evening; I can’t wait for the closing night Chambourd Designers Showcase event next Saturday. In the mean time, you should all check out the full program on offer and show your support for Adelaide’s fashion scene.