A shot of style: Billini SS13-14


Is it a coincidence that Aussie shoe brand Billini sounds an awful lot like tasty champagne-based treat Bellini? If their delicious new S/S14 collection is anything to go by, I think not.

Entitled Hola Mexico, the new range encapsulates the colour and vibrancy of Mexican culture through some ridiculously cute kicks. Tall and short, straight up and with a twist, the 9 different styles will suit all tastebuds.

Read on as I serve up the top 5 (okay, 6 – it was too hard to choose!) tastiest treats from Billini’s latest collection, and the Mexican cocktails that’ll have you dancing all night in them.

The Luxe in Blood Orange + Habañero and blood orange tequila

Billini SS13-14 Luxe

Sharp, fruity and fiery: the Luxe is a so-cool-it’s-hot sandal that will see you in good stead from poolside to pavement (and the cocktail lounge in-between). The metallic embellishments and vibrant patent finish ensure you’ll look polished enough to get into any establishment, whilst the lack of heel promises to keep you safe from any stumbles that may occur after a few habañero and blood orange tequila shots.


1 bottle (700ml) blanco tequila
½ blood orange
½ habanero or Scotch bonnet chilli, de-seeded

Put all the ingredients into a clean, airtight container and leave to infuse for a week. When the flavours have permeated the tequila, sieve the liquor back into the original bottle.

My tip: Serve in shot glasses with a blood orange wedge, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

The Glory in White + Mojito DF


‘White hot’ is the best way to describe the Glory. With stems thick enough to withstand hours of mojito-fuelled twerking on the dancefloor, it’s arguably your perfect summer party platform. I can already picture how good it would look paired with tanned limbs and tangerine toes – my other two summer must-haves.


20g demerara sugar
large handful of mint leaves
1 lime, cut into wedges
70ml apple juice
70ml tequila

Muddle the sugar, most of the mint leaves and all the lime wedges in the bottom of two tall glasses with a pestle or the end of a rolling pin. When you have extracted all the juice from the lime, pour in the apple juice and tequila, fill with crushed ice and garnish with the rest of the mint leaves.

The Atomic in Brown + Smoked peach old-fashioned

Billini SS13-14 Atomic

If the blogs are to be believed, Birkenstocks are going to be big this summer. But since there’s no way you’ll ever catch me in those cumbersome clompers, I’ll instead channel my inner Jesus-freak in the Atomic: an unassuming, Roman-style sandal made for wholesome excursions to the local farmer’s market (to buy cocktail ingredients, of course).


small pinch of salt
100ml reposado mescal
5ml peach bitters
20ml gomme syrup
rind of 2 oranges
2 orange twists, to serve

Half-fill a large glass (or the glass from a Boston shaker if you want to be a pro) with crushed ice and water, adding a small pinch of salt. Put the glass inside the shaker, add the mezcal, bitters, gomme syrup and orange rind and top up with large ice cubes. Stir very well with a bar spoon for around 4 minutes.

Strain into 2 tumblers. Garnish each with an orange twist and serve with a small black straw.

To make a citrus twist:
Take a sharp knife and cut off the ends of the fruit. Now cut off the peel from one end to the other, shaving as finely as possible to avoid the bitter white pith. You want to end up with strips about 1cm wide. Curl the strips around your finger to make loose corkscrew shapes and use them to garnish cocktails.

The Galaxy in Citrus + Tamarind Margarita


Like a blast of zesty fresh air, the Galaxy is the perfect stiletto to brighten any day or night. Bright without being neon, and with an eye-catching metallic ankle strap, the boys won’t be able to look away (nor will they want to – after all, anyone who has the good taste to pull on a pair of these is automatically a Class-A babe). The Galaxy will look as good with a pair of statement floral trousers as it will with a thigh-skimming summer party frock, making it the trans-seasonal heel of choice.


fine sea salt mixed with chilli powder, for rims (optional)
70ml tamarind purée
70ml tequila
30ml triple sec
2 lime wedges, to garnish

Prepare 2 tumblers with chilli salt rims if you wish. To get the perfect rim, dip the cocktail glass into a saucer of water so that only the very edge is wet, then dip the glass into a saucer of whatever salt/sugar mixture you are using.

Shake all the ingredients over ice and pour into the tumblers. Garnish each with a wedge of lime.

The Morgan in Black + Bloody Maria


Reluctant to relegate your grungy winter ankle boots to the back of the cupboard? Never fear; Morgan is music to your blackened punk-rock heart. It’s flat, it’s studded to within an inch of its life, and it’s perfect for long nights on your feet dancing away at whatever gig/music festival/house party you find yourself at – because aren’t countless party offers one of the best parts about summer?

And when the sun comes up and the party dies down, the Bloody Maria will be there to easy all your aches.


chilli powder, for rims (optional)
140ml blanco tequila
500ml good-quality tomato juice
juice of 1 large orange (about 100ml)
juice of 1-2 limes
25ml grenadine
1-2 teaspoons Tabasco sauce
1-2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1-2 teaspoons sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
lime wedges and chilli powder, to garnish

Prepare tumblers with chilli rims if you wish. Shake all the ingredients over ice and pour into tumblers. Garnish each with a wedge of lime and a dusting of chilli powder.

(Leave out the tequila from this recipe and you’ve got yourself Sangrita – a popular Mexican aperitif traditionally served in small glasses alongside a shot glass of tequila and sipped in equal measure).

The Lorna in Tan + Green tea and rhubarb Collins


The Lorna is more than just a gorgeous bohemian platform sandal. It’s Billini’s first leather offering; a latticed upper atop a 70’s wedge base just begging to be shown off in crowded seaside cocktail bar. Ideal for gypsters and Nicole Richie-wannabes, the Lorna would be best paired with maxi lengths and stacked hardware (of the accessories, not handyman, variety).


100ml Green tea tequila**
50ml fresh rhubarb syrup***
50ml fresh apple juice
200ml soda water
green apple slices, to garnish

Pour the tequila, rhubarb syrup and apple juice into 2 tall glasses and stir well. Add enough ice to fill the glasses, then top up with soda water. Stir again and garnish with the apple slices.

**To make Green tea tequila, place 60g green tea leaves (the best quality you can buy) and 1 bottle (700ml) blanco tequila into a clean, airtight container and leave to infuse in the fridge for 48 hours. Sieve the tequila, discarding the tea leaves, then pour back into the original bottle

***To make fresh rhubarb syrup, chop 500g rhubarb into small pieces and place in a saucepan with the zest of a lemon, the juice of half that lemon, and 5 tablespoons sugar. Cook over a medium heat for 10-15 minutes. You want the syrup to be quite sweet, so add a touch more sugar if needed. The leftover syrup will be delicious with Greek yoghurt.

The entire Hola Mexico collection is on sale now over on Billini’s website – it was stupidly difficult to choose only 6 styles to feature here, so do yourself a favour and check out their whole range. With prices ranging from $39.95 to $79.95, you actually can afford to buy one for every cocktail. And if you’re a social kinda gal, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for sneak peeks and serious sartorial inspiration.

All cocktail recipes have been taken from Thomasina Miers’ Wahaca: Mexican food at home. This is the best cookbook you will ever buy. Seriously. The recipes are easy, cheap and will broaden your view of Mexican cooking far beyond the boundaries of burritos, nachos and tacos (though it has plenty of those too).


Images: The Lovely Thrills, Bright Green Laces, Billini, Net-a-shopper



I Want It Now!

When I hear the words “I want it now”, Veruca Salt immediately springs to mind. The Peter Pan collared enfant terrible found her way down the garbage chute in the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, after kicking up a fuss and being labelled a ‘bad egg’. In Mr. Wonka’s world, patience is a virtue – but in reality, things are changing.

Veruca’s of Australia needn’t fear the same fate, because new website WantItNow.com.au is giving you precisely what you’ve asked for. Instead of all that 3-7 working days nonsense online shoppers have had to put up with until now, Want It Now’s collection of retailers promise same-day delivery, in as little as 3 hours even; which means clumsy people like me can spill coffee on their dress in the morning, and have a new one delivered to the office in time for that hot dinner date the same evening. Brilliant!!!

With spring racing season just around the corner, I couldn’t resist wandering through the stores Want It Now has to offer, and have come up with two collections – one a casual mix of the SS12 sports luxe and metallic trends, the other a slightly more elegant ensemble injected with a shot of my personal punk panache – both perfect for a day at the races (or anywhere else for that matter).

Finders Keepers Buckets of Rain Playsuit, $119.95 from The Iconic
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Petit Flower on the Go, $35 from Adore Beauty
Lushous Clothing Envelope Clutch Tri Colour, $29.95 from The Iconic
I Love Billy Oakbank Rose Gold Metallic, $79.95 from Style Tread
Rose Gold Diamante Timepiece, $34.99 from Diva
“Tahlia” Lace and Satin Boyleg, $24.95 from Bras n Things
Three Step Self Tanning Range, $94.85 from Asyana
Gold Aviator Sunnies, $19.99 from Diva

Bec & Bridge Positano Maxi Dress in Print, $300 from Jade & Belle
Crabtree & Evelyn Citron, Honey & Coriander Body Souffle 225g, $40 from Belinda Janes
House of Harlow 1960 Nicole Sunglasses, $169 from Designer Forum
Wildfox Skull Ring with Crystal Eyes, $69 from The Iconic
NCLA Like… Totally Valley Girl Nail Polish, $19.50 from Kamali Moon
Mawi Stud Spike Rose Gold Earrings, $275 from musstard
Black Currant and Green Tea Macarons, $29.90 (+ delivery) for 12 from Little Feat
Olga Berg Sarah Black Satin Fabric Clutch, $39.98 from Style Tread
Gloria Stone Patent Criss Cross Wedge, $175 from Sambag

Not only can all of the above be yours in a measly three hours (provided you’ve equal parts quick finger skills and a hearty bank balance), but almost everything you could possibly need at the minute is now within reach. Fiona Pearse and Emma Cronin, the sisters behind Want It Now seem to have really considered everything, recruiting a broad variety of businesses. From Brilliant Food and Beer Cartel to Gyrofish and Costume Direct, there truly seems to be something for every impatient person; and with talk of new and unique weekly offers from retailers being added to its arsenal, WantItNow.com.au has taken online shopping to the next level. Veruca would be so proud.

Nice Threads

I’ve developed a new favourite daily ritual. It goes a little something like this:

Open email inbox
Check for new email from Thread People
Click on link to totally hawt yet ridonkulously cheap clothes
Salivate over the vast array of bargains
Purchase pretty things I don’t really need
Eagerly await the postman

The best thing about Thread People is the variety – men’s, women’s and vintage clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and sunglasses have all been on offer. Their flash sales usually only last for an average of 5 days, and there’s no time for procrastinating as the best items sell-out within hours of the sale opening. Best of all the discounts are massive – think $235 Handsome boots for 90 bucks; $130 Zoemou necklaces for $35; a $140 Something Else jacket for $50…the list goes on.

My first purchase arrived in the post the other day – a Chosen by Atat ring perfectly suited to my Leo sensibilities.

Get into it.


Summer loving: Billabong Summer ’10/’11

Sunshine may still be scarce (here in Adelaide at least) but if the 2010 range from Billabong is anything to go by, it’s going to be a glorious summer indeed.

Donna dress, Virtual tee and All my Crushes shorts

Fusing fashion, music and artistic influences with classic surf style, Billabong are reviving the 90s with a Twenty-Ten ‘tude. Bold prints, pretty pastels and just a smattering of leopard ensure that you’ll stand out from the crowd as you soak up the rays.

These overalls are top of my list – this is the perfect summer festival ensemble

Check out a video of the shoot over at melbgirl’s blog – and while you’re at it, spend some time wandering around and soaking up the effortless Melbournian style.

The Billabong blog is also worth taking a look at too; there are videos, cute interviews with the models and of course previews of all the latest sartorial offerings. Now if you need me, I’ll be cycling furiously at the gym, visions of birds, bees and bikini’s dancing in my head.

All images courtesy of the Billabong Girls Australia Facebook page