Sportsgirls heart Dawson’s Creek | Topshop in the Trenches | Unknown wintry Pleasures

Here’s one of my many secret shames: I LOVE Dawson’s Creek. And every self-respecting DC-er knows that Pacey and Joey were the real stars of the Creek, which is why they got the “happily ever after” ending and Dawson ended up sitting alone in a production office. Sportsgirl are all over it; amongst their luscious new collection of winter offerings is this Pacey Check Coat.

Image: Sportsgirl

The checks are super on-trend for this season, and it’s the closest any of us’ll get to having Josh Jackson keeping us warm (curse you, Diane Kruger!)


Image: Topshop

While we’re on the topic of winter coats, I spied this orange (or ‘Tangy Peach’ if you’re hungry) Topshop trench coat in a recent edition of WHO magazine and have been scowling at the computer screen for the past 10 minutes, trying to suss a way to get my hands on one. The hunt was made a hell of a lot easier thanks to, a fashion blog/buying guide/treasure chest of all things covetable and couture – I’ll be subscribing to their newsletters fo’ sure.

Meanwhile, some other style mavens have beaten me to the punch and that tangerine temptress is all sold out; but I do quite enjoy these other two offerings, both at fairly reasonable prices.

Image: Topshop

Image: Topshop

Winter arrives at Unknown Pleasures

Image: Unknown Pleasures

If you’re not already a fan of style trove Unknown Pleasures, get onto it. Manned by the divine Ms. Ally, it’s a staple for fuss-free sartorial inspiration. Check out her latest post to see why.

Now I’m off: it’s time for bevvies with the boy, then the Attitude magazine launch with the ever-delightful Ms Lana G. Who says winter is dull?