Venice: photo diary (part 1)

I will never tire of Venice. This latest trip marks my fourth journey to the island, and yet every time I seem to stumble on more undiscovered secrets.

Alex and I spent 8 days in the Internet-free bliss of this cosy Airbnb apartment. Despite only being a 5 minute/3 bridge walk from the train station, it felt like we were in a hidden pocket of the ‘real’ Venice – few tourists, stacks of quirky locals and plenty to discover in the surrounding ‘calles’.

In fact, we found so much to love in our neighborhood that I drew a map, which I’ll attempt to somehow digitise and share with you all.

And though waking up to a blaring air raid siren and having no idea what the f**k it was for wasn’t my favourite life experience, I’m glad we got to experience a sodden, flooded Venice. Plus, gumboots!!!

I took a lot of photos, so expect another post containing the rest soon.






















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KMS California gets Real

KMS California have been using their scientific smarts to make your hair happy for close to 40 years now. But apparently that’s no longer enough: the team at KMS want to make you a star as well.

Enter The Real Project– an initiative aimed at celebrating your individuality and giving you the opportunity to express yourself (or so the website says). If you’re a “crazy, unique, creative, fun, expressive individual” KMS want you to shoot and upload a 15 second video that captures “what you’re really about”. If you’re none of those five things, well, why not give it a crack anyway – it sure beats making yet another acoustic Justin Bieber cover. They’ve even got an iPhone app to assist webcam-less plebs like myself.

So what are the perks? The 15 most popular videos (yes, you’ll need to whore your soul via social media to win this one) will make up KMS’s next TV campaign, turning the lucky winners into stars and giving the brand’s regular advertising crew a few days off. Oh, and if you’re one of the first 100 people to enter you’ll score some free shit from KMS too.

Even if 15 seconds of fame isn’t your ideal, the KMS website is still worth a look. It boasts a nifty little “magazine” (okay, it’s more like a digital product catalogue) featuring some pretty sexy styles, some of which come withΒ  step-by-step instructions on how to make them your own. But what struck me most was the array of kickass styles for short hair – something that I and my newly cropped locks have been sorely missing.

All images are courtesy of KMS California.


Beach styling, the Billabong/2Threads way

I’m not much of a beach person. It’s pretty appalling really, when you consider I live on a cove, have worked by the sea for the past 4 summers, and have easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches South Australia has to offer (Exhibit A: the central photo, taken on my way to work down at Brighton). So when 2Threads asked me to share some beach styling inspiration, I thought I was screwed.

But! Never fear, dear readers, for the following is a mood board of all things beachy and beautiful, including some of my favourite summer trends (along with a small homage to the best seaside TV show of all time, The OC).

May you find some inspiration between these here sheets* too.

Aside from the latest lust-worthy collection from Billabong, my other two go-to swimwear brands are easily We Are Handsome and Zimmerman. Not that I could ever afford to own either, but a girl can dream.

If mermaids were punks, I bet they’d take pictures of these girls to their underwater hairdresser’s as a guide. I’ve been dying to bleach my long locks and dip them in cerulean ever since I first saw this pic, but still don’t have the guts. But mussed up sex hair and beachy waves are definitely my styles of choice, and a splash of playful colour will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

This photo was taken at the Falls festival last year, but has all the ingredients for a perfect day at the beach: good friends, bright oversized sunnies, cute hats and buckets of sunshine.

And what better way to while away a hot summer’s day than by daydreaming on the seaside…

…or frolicking with friends. You get extra summer street cred points if your frolicking carries on into the evening; double if a bonfire is involved; and triple if any of the bonfire attendees look like/are part of the OC crew.

And the perfect soundtrack to compliment your stylin’ seaside sessions? Why, you can’t go past The Kooks (they have a song called Seaside after all), Adrian Lux’s Teenage Crime, and the aptly named Beach House, Best Coast and Wavves.

For more inspiration, cruise on over to Billabong’s website – they have behind-the-scenes vids from all their beautiful photoshoots, a funky calendar that picks a sweet new product for you daily (like a sartorial Advent calendar) and most importantly, an online store where you can snap up all the goodies yourself.

Enjoy the rays xx

*Okay, less sheets of paper, more pixels. It just doesn’t sound anywhere near as poetic though.

Some inspiration from myPetsQuare

I love mood boards. If there was some way I could make mood boards and collages of pretty pictures for a living, I’d be all over it like a flannel.* In the mean time, it’s always nice to see where designers get their inspiration from, and thanks to the always radiant Russh magazine, I can show you a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of fab Aussie label myPetsQuare’s new SS10 collection, Dharma Bums.

                   Images courtesy of Russh Magazine

You can read more over at the Russh blogs, and check out the entire myPetsQuare collection over at their website.

p.s. I’m finished uni – for, like, ever! Until reality gets me down and I enroll for Honors. Hello, freedom!


*If you’ve heard of such a job, you need to email me. Like, now.

Starting Points with Adelaide Fashion Collective

I’ve been busting to share this with you all for a while now. The lovely Selena Battersby, creative mind behind Adelaide Fashion Collective, recently asked me to create a ‘winter’ mood board to be featured on the site – and here it is!

Although I’ve always wanted to be a writer, I have a fond obsession for images, and still wish I could be a photographer/cinematographer. Instead, I make giant wall collages about my bed, which I call my ‘inspiration wall’, as looking at the beautiful images helps to ignite my creative spark and basically make me feel better on a crappy day.

Here’s a close up of my first wall collage:

The new one is more wintry, with a paler palette. I’ll have to get around to uploading photos of it sometime soon (along with everything else).

I also have a bulletin board hanging next to my bed, which I haven’t changed since I bought it and can’t bear to alter. I love all the images on there too much (especially the punk style palette):

There are so many things that I love on this board: Falls Festival; punk aesthetics; unicorns; Prague (the black&white postcard); Moonlight Cinema; pretty indie boys in nice threads; the Garden of Unearthly Delights; Belle du Jour; alcohol (leftover drink tokens from Falls); hippies; and love itself.

But back to the original point. Adelaide Fashion Collective kicks ass; hopefully I’ll get my head into gear one of these days and possibly get involved with them a bit more. There are a couple of bloggers in their Directory that blow my mind, but we’ll save them for their very own special post.

My full post is here, where you can read all about why I put three different pictures of Cassie from Skins in my mood board. The 7 in 7 and Street Style posts are always worth a look too.