Your guide to getting gorgeous gams this Summer with Schick

As I write this, it’s a Tuesday morning in December in Nice, France, and the thermostat is sitting at a pleasant 11°C. Back home in Adelaide, that classifies as positively chilly; but after a week of Venice’s flooded canals and bone-chilling winds, the French Riviera seems positively toasty.

In my leopard print Mink Pink sweater, pencil skirt, Spurr ankle boots and bare legs, I’m copping some interesting looks from the rugged-up locals, but I don’t care. This may be my last chance to show off my sleek and silky pins before winter truly hits and they’re buried beneath an avalanche of thermals and Nobody’s, not to be seen again ’til Spring.

Just before departing on this continental adventure, a Schick Hydro Silk razor landed in my letterbox for review, under the guise of getting your gams summer-ready (more on that later). My limbs are unfortunately heading nowhere near summer, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be spiffily smooth, and for this purpose the Hydro Silk has proven itself to be a wonderful traveling companion.

The unique moisturising strip, with water activated moisturising serum and refreshing marine extracts was enough to see me through a stint with neither shaving cream nor moisturiser (I’m not the best at packing). Meanwhile, the five curve sensing blades allow for a smooth, even shave in mere minutes, leaving more time for exploring and croissant-devouring (not necessarily in that order).

For those of you lucky enough to be gearing up for a sunny December and beyond, here’s everything you need to know to get your pins poolside perfect, along with some Instagram-sourced inspo:

20131205-174633.jpg20131205-174722.jpg*Allow your shaving cream or gel to soften the skin for a few minutes before you begin to shave.
20131205-174801.jpg20131205-174826.jpg*Press lightly in an upward motion towards your knee, using short, smooth smooth strokes with a steady, even pressure. Don’t rush or press down too hard – you should let the shaver do the work.20131205-174923.jpg20131205-174945.jpg*Change your razor blade after approx 5 uses. A dull razor blade can irritate the skin, cause razor rash, and you can cut skin more easily with a dull blade.20131205-175023.jpg20131205-175206.jpg*Underarm hair grows in lots of directions, so to get the closest shave possible you may need to shave side to side and down, as well as the traditional up (against the grain of the hair growth).20131205-174743.jpg20131205-175246.jpg*After shaving underarm hair, don’t apply antiperspirant for several hours until natural barrier oils return to protect the skin.20131205-175316.jpg20131205-175425.jpg20131205-175409.jpg20131205-175452.jpgAll in all, it’s not hard to see why the Hydro Silk has become the number one selling razor amongst Australian women*. I just wish I’d packed more than one refill to see me through to Summer.20131205-175520.jpg20131205-175549.jpg
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Images: @begomartin3, @manrepeller, @erinwasson, @isabellaias, @suki_swim, @mahinaalexander, @gypsyone, @frank_bod, @brittanynicholelucas

*Based on unit sales of new women’s razors launched in the last 12 months. Aztec National Grocer Scan 8/9/13.