A Peep at the Streets of Fashion Week

As any self-respecting fashion blogger or reader knows, the action outside global fashion week shows is often as hot, if not hotter than what’s going down on the catwalks inside. As we transition from one season to the next (whether it be shedding layers for spring/summer like me, or beginning to pile them on in the northern hemisphere), street style snaps become the smart girl’s inspiration guide to renovating her existing wardrobe – and sussing out what she simply can’t live without. Below, some of my favourites from Milan, New York and London fashion weeks, as snapped by Streetpeeper for Sportsgirl (their blog is totally worth bookmarking, by the way).

If I wanted to dress for a jaunt on a yacht at Cannes, this would be my go-to ensemble. Instead, I’ll be grabbing my midi skirt, knotting everything I can get my hands on and setting my imagination to overdrive.

Everything about this screams effortless chic. Loving the boxy fit and soaring hemline, but most of all the reflective Ray Bans. Like a boss.

I want a tomboyish slogan sloppy joe and a delicate doily miniskirt to pair it with!

This is everything the wistful punk inside of me dreams about. In fact, every inch of me dreams about those ankle boots (and having gamine legs to stretch above them).

When I first saw this outfit, I thought she was wearing sweat pants and I was overjoyed at finally finding a way to wear trackies to the office without looking like I’d gotten lost on the way to Centrelink (that’s a welfare office for any non-locals). She’s not, but I’m going to try my luck anyway.

This chicky (to borrow an Alex-ism) is quite possibly my favourite of all these lovely ladies, because she knows that the best accessory is a smile (cheesy, I know). Of course, it’s prolly impossible not to smile in such a sunny skirt. Also, the amount of texture variations going on in this outfit? Best.

It’s a mother-fuckin’ pinafore WITH A SKATER SKIRT!! Topped off with a tee adorned with a cartoon of what looks suspiciously like Karl Lagerfeld. If that’s not winning, I really don’t know what is.

It’s always fun to spy outfits that remind you of your besties. This preppy little French number reminds me of my lovely friend Bec, who kicks ass at op-shopping and looking elegantly European no matter how highly strung she feels. Jealous? Yeah, me too.

I’ve been lusting after a Letterman jacket for as long as I can remember lusting after anything fashion-related. If anyone can recommend one, I’ll repay you in copious amounts of online praise.

To be honest, I’m not loving the way these two boxy silhouettes have turned this pretty little lady into a human rectangle, but separately, both pieces are radness cubed.

Can we somehow harness the powers of the Internet to get Susie Bubble’s people to call Bjork’s people and arrange a get together? Because seriously: that would be so much win. SO. MUCH.

The best way to work this season’s monochromatic trend without feeling totally dullsville? Rock a digital print, like this ash cloud tulip mini. Being a gorgeous flame-haired fashion pixie will also work in your favour, but is by no means essential.

[all images: Phil Oh/Streetpeeper for Sportsgirl]


Sportsgirls heart Dawson’s Creek | Topshop in the Trenches | Unknown wintry Pleasures

Here’s one of my many secret shames: I LOVE Dawson’s Creek. And every self-respecting DC-er knows that Pacey and Joey were the real stars of the Creek, which is why they got the “happily ever after” ending and Dawson ended up sitting alone in a production office. Sportsgirl are all over it; amongst their luscious new collection of winter offerings is this Pacey Check Coat.

Image: Sportsgirl

The checks are super on-trend for this season, and it’s the closest any of us’ll get to having Josh Jackson keeping us warm (curse you, Diane Kruger!)


Image: Topshop

While we’re on the topic of winter coats, I spied this orange (or ‘Tangy Peach’ if you’re hungry) Topshop trench coat in a recent edition of WHO magazine and have been scowling at the computer screen for the past 10 minutes, trying to suss a way to get my hands on one. The hunt was made a hell of a lot easier thanks to Shefinds.com, a fashion blog/buying guide/treasure chest of all things covetable and couture – I’ll be subscribing to their newsletters fo’ sure.

Meanwhile, some other style mavens have beaten me to the punch and that tangerine temptress is all sold out; but I do quite enjoy these other two offerings, both at fairly reasonable prices.

Image: Topshop

Image: Topshop

Winter arrives at Unknown Pleasures

Image: Unknown Pleasures

If you’re not already a fan of style trove Unknown Pleasures, get onto it. Manned by the divine Ms. Ally, it’s a staple for fuss-free sartorial inspiration. Check out her latest post to see why.

Now I’m off: it’s time for bevvies with the boy, then the Attitude magazine launch with the ever-delightful Ms Lana G. Who says winter is dull?


And the 2010 Sportsgirl Super Stylist is…

And the winner is...Autilia! Courtesy of Sportsgirl

The votes have been tallied (as that Jeff Probst fella from Survivor would say) and the winner of the 2010 Sportsgirl Superstylist competition has been announced – congrats to Autilia Antonucci!

Image courtesy of the Sportsgirl blog

Amidst all of the incredible entries and finalists Sportsgirl received, judges Kym Ellery, Anouk Colantoni and Michelle Jank chose Autilia’s effortless folk stylings as the winner. The 20 year old Perth student will now put her styling skills to use for a feature in the forthcoming Sportsgirl magazine, so keep your eyes peeled.

The denim look on the left is my favourite - grungy yet still with a hint of elegance. Courtesy of Sportsgirl.

You can read the official post over at the Sportsgirl blog. If inspiration is what you’re after, then I suggest you take a squizz at Autilia’s Lookbook.nu profile, and bookmark her blog – seems the girl shares my penchant for Wildfox and feathers, which more than earns her the These Things stamp of approval.

Images courtesy of Autilia's blog

We love nights out with Smirnoff and 2threads

Ah Smirnoff. How you shaped my formative drinking years: so many fond memories of jelly shots at house parties and night’s spent huddled in nightclub toilets with my girl friends, taking turns to swig your wares from inconspicuous water bottles. So when the lovely Amanda from 2threads asked me to share what getting ready for a night out means to me, in your honour, I couldn’t resist. I had to do you justice.

I was, however, somewhat stumped. Here’s why: getting ready has never been a big deal for me. If I’m allocated more than one hour to primp and preen, and pre-drinking isn’t included, I’m pretty lost. My getting ready routine usually takes place at work, whether it be the office or my hospitality gig, and involves throwing on the outfit I grabbed together that morning, touching up my eyeliner, and attempting to tame my hair. Hardly glamorous.

So what’s a girl to do? Enlist the photographic talents of her best friend, Miss Rebecca Hiscock, and show what getting ready looks like, Lowdown-style.

Kikki K jacket, Sportsgirl shoes

First step: make sure you don’t forget the little things. I’m usually far too lazy to paint my toenails, but with the warmer weather come gorgeous open-toe heels, and no-one likes manky talons. Besides, it’s a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the stunning grounds of Carclew Youth Arts, where I’m lucky enough to earn my living.

Imprint dress; vintage dress

When it comes to a night out on the town (or a night out anywhere, really), dresses are my item of choice. The one on the left is perfect for a casual summer’s eve, dining and barhopping with friends. It reworks the ever-popular nautical stripes into a dainty, flouncy number, that works just as well with flats for the day as it does with a sexy pair of wedges for night. I usually cinch in the waist with a simple tan belt, and will definitely be making sure I fake tan-it-up before I actually wear it out.

The dress on the right is from the Fitzroy markets in Melbourne and is one of the best bargains I’ve ever scored – it cost a measly $5 and creates a stunning hourglass silouhette. I’ve worn it to fashion parades, art exhibitions, theatre openings and cocktail parties, and its simple elegance perfectly compliments my disorganised brand of accessorising (more on that a bit later).

(Please forgive the facial expressions – the Lowdown office is currently going through a Zoolander phase)

So we’ve got the shoes and the dress – now for that extra touch. Like most people I’m usually trying to do about 5 things at once, so getting ready in front of my trusty brick of a Mac is often the way to go.

Fix the hair…

Check the pout…

Left hand: my grandmother's ring, Stannard-inc cuff; Right hand: Bauhaus rose ring, Cult ring

And add the accessories. I tend to wear the same few accessories with everything (which is silly when you see how many necklaces/earrings/rings I actually have…) At the moment I’m obsessed with this Stannard-Inc cuff I bought at the Bowerbird Bazaar a few weeks back. It says “Danger! High Voltage” which I think is hilarious (holler all you Electric Six fans) and it gets commented on every time I wear it. I wear those rings, along with a vintage Alice in Wonderland one that I recently dropped while drunk and broke, all the time as well; the big copper rose in particular is great for mosh pits when drunk girls in heels are getting you down – just “accidentally” stab them in the back with your ring.

And there you have it! Getting ready, these things we love style. For more (useful) tips, check out what the lovely Katherine of caught couture and Sam of Twin Cat vintage had to say; and don’t forget to bookmark 2threads for all the latest in everything fashion.

Sportsgirl Style Snaps

As much as I love high fashion and that whole ‘fashion as art’ business, I’m a much bigger fan of street style.

No wonder then that I’ve spent a good chunk of today fawning over the Style Snaps section of the delightful Sportsgirl website. I’m not sure where they’re sourced from, but damn these ladies are stylin’! Here are a few of my faves:

Definitely book-marking this look for summer.

I’m a tad obsessed with denim shirts, especially chambrays, right now.

This lady embodies effortless cool – love her hair colour.

And last but not least, my favourite – she reminds me of the radiant Zooey Deschanel.

All images courtesy of sportsgirl.com.au

While away the day at www.sportsgirl.com.au – the Style Me section alone has the potential to chew through hours at a time.

Happy Friday!